How to Get American Netflix on PS4?

Out here, we have two main considerations, which are ‘American Netflix’ and ‘PS4’. Without any kind of survey, just through the reactions of people all over the world or through the way different people are reacting to certain scenarios all over the world, we surely get to know two major things, that is, we have crazy fans of how to get american netflix in this world and we also have crazy fans of PS4 in this world. What if two could be combined together? In basic words, what if we could actually have access to American Netflix through PS4?

Is it Really Possible to Get American Netflix on PS4?

The interesting fact which lies here is that, American Netflix is mainly about television serials and soaps and PS4 is mainly about gaming. So, will it really be possible to have access to American Netflix, through the PS4 which you own? Then answer is, yes, we can have access. Now, it might sound interesting or awkward as to how we can have access, but remember, yes we can have access! The part where how the access comes is mentioned clearly in the upcoming section of this article.

How can we have Access to American Netflix on PS4?

Having access to American Netflix through PS4 is just a work of about a few minutes and it is actually very easy to set it up. Let us go through how we can do the same:

  • Go ahead and visit the section of ‘settings’ in your PS4
  • From the ‘settings’ tab or option, you now have to select your particular network
  • Once you have selected the network, you are now required to set up your internet connection by clicking on ‘set up internet connection’
  • After setting up your internet connection, what you now have to do is to select the particular method through which the internet will be connected to your PS4
  • In case of wireless connectivity to the internet from your PS4, choose the particular Wi-Fi network, give in your password and log in to access the internet
  • When the option of setting up your IP address comes, do click on ‘automatic’ to set your IP address to automatic
  • The part where the ‘DHCP Host Name’ appears, choose the option ‘do not specify’
  • Now, you will be needed to set up your DNS and for that, under the section of ‘settings’ for DNS, you need to select the option called ‘manual’
  • At this points, you need to have a specific pair of the codes of DNS, which you can get from the internet and after that you are required to plug them both inside the part under ‘Primary and Secondary DNS’
  • To test whether everything has been successfully set up and to also test whether your connections are working perfectly, click on the option ‘next’
  • Finally, you can have access to American Netflix on your PS4

Hopefully, you all are in the same page now and have understood the process of accessing American Netflix on PS4. If you are interested to do the same, you can go about it right now!